1. In the case of urgency, what service can I contact?

Please, contact our Technical Service department. The Service is 24-hours available. You can make contact via Skype ID: TypeChem2011

2. Do you accept credit cards?

Credit cards are not acceptable.

3. What is the minimum order quantity?

Depending on the chemicals, the minimum quantity for the order may be 1g for some chemicals and 5g for others.

4. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes we offer free shipping for all orders above 200usd

5. Why are the prices occasionally increasing that much?

In our business, as in others, there is a rule of demand and supply. When the demand for a particular chemical, increases considerably, it is necessary to make custom manufacture, which significantly increases the price. We remain a network of custom manufacture, both for small and large quantities.

6. Are there distributors for the USA?

Yes, there are distributors from whom you can order and get a shipment to the United States.

7. Is there an online version of the catalog?

Please, contact our support team, and we will send you the online catalog directly.

8. Do you have all the chemicals you offer stored?

We have stored all the chemicals that are part of the offer on the website, in our warehouse, ready for shipment. If you need any information about any legal chemicals that are not on our site, please, submit an additional question.

9. Do you offer free samples?

Among every order over $ 100, we offer free samples.

10. Do you offer resend policy?

Our delivery is 100% guarantee but if for any reason you do not receive your complete order then we resend it asap.

11. Is there a possibility of dropping shipments?

We are able to send orders on behalf of your clients.

12. Does ordering larger quantities involve lower prices?

We offer lower prices for larger order amounts.

13. Which shipping service do you use?

By providing the shipping-resending assistance, we choose a delivery service depending on the country we ship to. If you want to select the delivery method yourself, you will not have the option of resending orders.

14. How fast can I get the chemical I ordered?

After you make a successful online order, you receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. After our site registers your payment, the package dispatches for sending (24-48 hours). All shipments should arrive at the address within 9 to 13 days.

15. Do you ship to countries other than the United States?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

16 How you will pack my order?

All orders are packed very discreetly in aluminium foil bags or envelopes, we do not use the product names or any source of chemicals?