Payment Methods

Money transfer

The buyer can choose one of the most efficient ways of money transfer. Therefore, our company allows you to pay via Western Union or MoneyGramm  payment method. How to pay with WU or MG?
You can apply the Western Union system in two ways – transferring funds online via the network or by a local agent. In the second case, we are the Recipients of the fund. We take the money from this local agent with verifying the Recipient’s identity.

If you select money transfer as a payment method, you can find the payment details at the checkout,  or they are automatically sent via email.

Money Transfer transactions are safe and fast and executed within a few seconds. As a result of the payment, you will receive a number – money transfer control number or MTCN. Also, you can verify the payment by sending an email containing this number and payment information.
It takes a few minutes for checking and verifying payment. When our company verifies the payment, your order status changes to ‘arranging for shipment’ and enters the dispatching process to the address.

Transfer from a bank account

The payments are available from one bank account to the bank account of our company. You can make a transaction at the nearest local bank office, online or by issuing orders via telephone. It usually requires 3 days for payment verification. During a transaction, additional costs may arise. Due to, the price charged by the Chemical Frog Company does not include those other costs.
To pay your order by a bank, you need to copy bank data from the site or get it by contacting us after you have made the correct order.

We accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with which you can pay your order. If you choose Bitcoin as a payment option, your transactions are quick, cost-free and completely discrete. They are also intended for both individual and business entities, and an effective method of payment in countries that don’t support PayPal.

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