4-CDC (IUPAC name 4-chloroethcathinone) is a substituted cathinone intended for forensic and research application only. This stimulative substance is selling on the internet as a research chemical. It is analog to 4-CMC. Those compounds share the same characteristics. You can order 4-CDC or any other rc material via our site.

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What is 4-CDC? A complete overview from TypeChemistry

4-CDC is a psychoactive substance belonging to the class of substituted cathinone. IUPAC name is 4-chloroethcathinone. Substances of this class mainly origin from the plant Kath. Since ancient times, leaves of this plant were in use as a recreational drug.

4-CDC is analog to 4-CMC with which it shares the same characteristics, however . It is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. If ordering, this compound belongs to research chemicals for forensic laboratory use exclusively. It is not for human and animal use. However, on the street, along with compounds of similar effects, it has a mutual name – a designer drug.

There is no many confirmed properties and effects that this drug causes. Also, there is not much data on its chemical and pharmaceutical properties in literature.

Chemical and Pharmacological Properties

4-CDC or 1- (4-Chlorophenyl) -2- (ethylamino) -1-propane, monohydrochloride is synthesized cathinone, a type of drug that features a phenethylamine core with an alkyl group attached to the alpha carbon, and also has a ketone group attached to the beta carbon.
It has similar properties as 4-CMC. It is an amphetamine. Like for all stimulants of similar class, we can say it has a high level of neurotoxicity. Neurotocystity is a risk of damage to the nervous system. It is the methylcathinone derivative of 4-CA that selectively kills neurons.

Science has little information about the effects of this substance in human use. Equally, there is a small number of recorded experiences of real-life users. We only present information collected from individuals, experiences and subjective feelings of people who had contact with this drug. We can not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of this data.

Similar Compounds with 4-CDC

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    • 4-Ethylmethcathinone, 4-EMC
    • 4-Fluoropentedrone, 4-FPD
    • 4-Methyldimethcathinone, 4-MDMC
    • 4-Methylethcathinone, 4-MEC
    • 4-Methylpentedrone, 4-MPD
    • 4-Methylpropylcathinone, 4-MPC
    • Benzedrone, 4-MBC
    • Hexedrone, α-Methylamino-Caprophenone
    • 4-Chloroethcathinone, 4-CEC


Like 4-CMC, this substance is dissolving in ethanol, dimethylformamide (DMF) 5mg/ml,  and DMSO 10mg/ml. Also, it dissolves in water, but with a shorter expiration date.

Recreational users are using this substance by the oral, nasal or sublingual way.  For the last one, it is necessary to reduce the dose significantly. Other ways are possible, but not recommended. This substance has an unusual taste that can trigger nausea. Also, it can cause irritation in mucous membranes, nostrils, lips, or provoke painful tooth reaction. It can lead to vein damage, serious health problems, even loss of hands and eventually death.

Dosage of 4-CDC

Science still doesn’t possess an established picture of this substance. Following experiences so far, It is possible to carry out a specific list of doses depending on the way of applying.
For oral use, first symptoms occur at a dose of 20 to 60 milligrams. Mild effects show up in quantities of 40 to 80. An intake between 60 and 100 milligrams considers normal, while up to 150 mg, a strong effect. Each dose above 150 milligrams produces very strong effects.

Using this drug may create a high addiction. It has an elevated serotonin base, so frequent consumption stops production of the desired effects. Therefore, an organism needs a specific rest period from this substance, to have the same stimulating effect again. Every new input of some quantity increases tolerance. It takes 3-5 days for the return tolerance for a half, and a week or two to return it to the starting point.

Physical and Cognitive Effects

4-CDC is most likely acting as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine reuptake inhibitor, possibly also as a shedding agent. Many consumers find the effect very serotonergic. Primarily, it increases mood and creates euphoria. It is a typical effect for stimulants. Most consumers describe this feeling as extremely powerful and positive.
Further, the effects can include both, euphoria and artificial mood boost. Better concentration, focus, and increased performance are also characteristic of taking this drug. 4-CDC is also an aphrodisiac.
Empathy is less pronounced than, for example, with MDMA, methylone, 5-MAPB, MDAI, because their effect is to stimulate new serotonin production.

Is 4-cdc legal to my country?

In some countries, 4-CDC is on the list of illegal drugs, please check laws of the destination country. Generally, most countries hold it as controlled exclusively for research purposes.
We produce and distribute 4-CDC exclusively as a research chemical.

Where to buy 4-CDC?

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4-CDC is strictly sold for scientific purpose only. 

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