4-CN-BINACA-ADB is a new legal and very potent synthetic cannabinoid.

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What is 4-CN-BINACA-ADB?

4CN-BINACA-ADB is a new legal synthetic compound belonging to the indazole-3-carboxamide indazole-based cannabinoid class. It is similar to other compounds such as 5f-sdb-006, 5f-cumyl-pinaca, adamantyl-thpinaca, cumyl-pica, 5f-cumyl-pinaca, cumyl-pinaca, cumyl-thpinaca, sdb-006 and nne1.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer in 2009 developed this and a series of similar compounds. Initially, they produced certain synthetic compounds as analgesics. Today it is in use as a research chemical, not as a medicine or for therapeutic purposes. Also, it is not intended for human or animal use, nor for ‘in vivo’ experiments.

No precise data suggest about the effects this substance have on humans. Nevertheless, in the past years, 4CN-BINACA-ADB has been recorded that this synthetic cannabinoid is in use on the street as a recreational drug. Also, science uses a thesis about its effects according to synthetic cannabinoids of the same class.

The same results can be a set of individual experiences and subjective feelings that can help build a description of the 4CN-BINACA-ADB effects.

Effects of the drug

Like most synthetic cannabinoids, this compound has strong binding relations with the cannabinoid receptor CB1 in the human brain. The evidence shows that this substance has so much power that it takes only 1/10 milligrams for one dose.

Since the Pfizer initially developed it as a pain killer, we can presume this substance can influence the pain. Similarly, like other cannabinoids, causes a sense of current euphoria. Also, it has a sedation effect.

Synthetic cannabinoids can cause a range of psychophysical effects, behavior change, high levels of addiction, and even death in people. These effects mainly depend on the consumed volume and the length of the abuse period of a substance.

Legality of 4CN-BINACA-ADB

4CN-BINACA-ADB is a research chemical. There are no precise laws that prohibit the production and distribution of this substance.

After several deaths in Japan in 2015, many compounds from the synthetic cannabinoid class are under control of competent authorities. Research in the field of knowledge of the characteristics and effects of each compound of this genus is still in development. Thus, there is no precise data on which compound from deadly substances in Japan carries the highest amount of toxicity. For now, most of the countries are holding the production and distribution of a whole series of substances under control.

The customer who orders 4CN-BINACA-ADB needs to be aware of the relevant local laws and regulations of the country in which the RC is delivering. The producer is free of any obligation and responsibility to know the local laws of each country separately in which he delivers.

Where Can You Buy 4CN-BINACA-ADB?

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All the chemicals we sell on this pages are strictly not for animal or human use.

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