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What is 5C-ABP?

5C-ABP and 5C-AKB48 are a synthetic compounds that belongs to the indazole-based cannabinoid class. It is analog to the compound with the name 5F-AB-PINCA. This synthetic substance derives from a series of compounds that pharmaceutical company Pfizer developed in 2009 as pain killers. In most countries, this cannabinoid is a controlled substance for scientific and laboratory research. Also, the material subsists on the Internet as a research chemical. However, on the street, it is usually available as a synthetic drug under the mutual name for various substances of similar effects – a designer drug.

It is a relatively new material. Therefore, there is not much data about the properties and effects on humans with this type of cannabinoid. Its production is not intended for human or animal use. Nevertheless, science can do a specific thesis about the impact on people, judging from the familiar effects caused by synthetic cannabinoids of the same class. The same results can be a set of individual experiences and subjective feelings. They can help to build the thesis about the effects of the 5C-ABP substance. No reliable theory or expertise can confirm this thesis.

5C-ABP Effects

5C-ABP is a compound with an active role as agnostic. Therefore, it has a potent ability of binding to both cannabinoid receptors, CB1 or CB2 in the brain. Since it is in use as an analgesic in pharmacology,  we presume it can treat some minor portions of pain. Also, using this drug leads to the feeling of mild euphoria.
In larger doses, the presumption is that this synthetic substance can cause sedative effects. Therefore, it is probably applicable as a medication for sleeping issues.

Legal Status of 5C-ABP

5C-ABP belongs to research chemicals for forensic and laboratory use. It is intended for calibration equipment, to produce reference material or in various forms of in vitro exams.
In the past years, there were cases of abuse. It was in practice as a recreational drug. At the same time, this synthetic cannabis derivative is often selling on the street as a designer drug. For these reasons, many countries are keeping the production and distribution of all synthetic cannabinoids of a similar category under control.

Purchase and distribution of this substance via our site imply conditions of use for the declared purposes. Furthermore, the user must get informed in advance about local laws, regulations, and finally, state policies on buying and delivering synthetic cannabinoids. Due to, the producer does not bear the consequences and has no obligation to recognize the legislation of each country individually.

Where to buy 5C-ABP?

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5C-ABP is not for human or animal consumption.


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