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What is 5C-AKB48?

It is a very potent analogue of 5F-AKB48

The chemical compound 5C-AKB48 is a research chemical, also with the name N- (adamantane-1-yl) -1- (5-chloropentyl) -1H-indazole-3-carboxamide. It is a synthetic indazole cannabinoid. Also, it has a street name mutual for similar compounds – a designer drug.

5C-AKB48 is analogous to 5F-AKB48, with which it shares similar characteristics.

Properties and effects in humans are not the topics of scientific studies for a long time, so there is not enough information about them. Usually, we take samples of similar cannabinoids from the same group. Also, the effects that we overwrite to this substance are a set of personal experiences and subjective feelings of individuals.

Application and Dosage

The substance 5C-AKB48 acts as a potent agonist on both cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2 in the human brain. Studies suggest that it binds similarly as the most studied cannabis substance, Delta-9- THC, and have similar properties as cannabis. They both involve short-term but intense physical sensations.
This cannabinoid is not soluble in water. The application is oral, by dissolving it into the lipid or ethanol. This way, its effect becomes considerably stronger.


Unlike cannabis, synthetic cannabinoids have greater power and higher toxicity. However, the exact dose of toxicity is unknown. Unofficial analyses show that this substance is inseparable in small quantities. Also, the abuse of a larger dose is associated with severe health consequences and side effects. 5c-akb48 is a research chemical; therefore it is not for people and animals use. There is a recommendation avoiding its long-term use or taking large quantities.

Experts put particular attention to people with already known mental disorders and psychoses not to use synthetic cannabinoid. The drug can aggravate the psychic state of the user due to its potent effect on the state of mind and emotions.

A long period of use leads to the development of psychological addiction among users. As with most cannabinoids, dose tolerance develops. A user usually needs a period from one to two weeks to get the tolerance back to the starting point.

A withdrawal and craving are the effects that occur in the cases of a sudden stop of consummation. It is required to reduce the dose gradually.

Subjective Effects

The effects of 5c-akb48 mentioned above has no established accuracy and are not the result of any particular scientistic research. Also, these effects never occur at the same time or in a series. Furthermore, they are much more likely to occur at higher doses and longer time of the abuse, when they can even lead to death.

Physical effects include the appearance of so-called “body high” or physical sensation as well as partial motor control loss.
Cannabis increases a desire for food intake, so synthetic cannabinoid 5C-ABK48 can also increase the appetite.
Further, in the physical effects that it can cause, it is necessary to mention pain relief, feeling of body lightness, a disturbed feeling of gravity and dehydration.

Within the cognitive effects, this compound may provoke much stronger anxiety than other substances of the same class. The recommendation to people who are prone to this condition is to avoid this cannabinoid.

Paranoia, anxiety, potent dreams, mindfulness occur as a consequence of psychosis. In people with high-risk factors and history of the disease, frequent consumption of cannabinoid can lead to increased psychosis.

Legal Status of 5c-akb48

The synthetic cannabinoid 5C-AKB48 is a scientific material for forensic and laboratory tests. Due to frequent abuse of these and similar substances on the street as recreational drugs, many countries keep their production and distribution under control. Usually, it is on the list of controlled substances, along with other synthetic cannabinoids, while in some countries it is forbidden.
When ordering the substance via our site, the user is obligated to be informed about local laws and regulations that apply to the specific substance at the place of delivery. The producer does not bear the consequences of the expulsion from the legal provisions and the prohibition in a particular country.

Where can you buy 5C-AKB48?

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Some more info you can find through psychonautwiki or reddit

5C-AKB48 is strictly sold ONLY for research purpose!

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