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What is 5F-AKB48? 

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5F-AKB48 is a synthetic cannabinoid with the practice as a research chemical. Other names are 5F-APINACA or N- (adamantan-1-yl) -1- (5-fluoropentyl) -1H-indazole-3-carboxamide. Also, the street name is common to all similar compounds – a designer drug.

There is no covering information about its impact on people. This compound exists among research chemicals only for a short time. It was synthesized in South Korea for the first time. The drug is in use as an investigation substance exclusively for forensic and laboratory tests. It is a familiar strong agonist. In particular, it has significant binding strength for both cannabinoid receptors in the brain – CB1 and CB2.
Due to the lack of valid information, the effects that we overwrite to this substance are a set of personal experiences and subtle feelings of individuals.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Properties

5F-AKB48 is a synthetic indazole cannabinoid as it contains a substituted indazole group. The substitution of the indazole group is at R1 with a fluorophenyl chain, and it shares this substitution with 5F-PB-22.
Additionally, the indazole ingis substituted at R3 with a carboxamide group. This carboxamide group is N-substituted at its final amine group with adamantane group. This group consists of four fused cyclohexane rings in a unique form called a diamondoid.
5F-AKB48 is an analog of STS-135 in which we can notice the substitution of the core indole structure with an indazole base.

Likewise cannabis, it produces an effect of short duration but high intensity. We assume this cannabinoid is binding in a similar manner as Δ9-THC. It also shows many similar characteristics with this substance in practice. However, unlike natural cannabis, synthesized stimulants are in direct association with numerous deaths and injuries that happen among the abusers of this substance.

Dosage of 5F-AKB48

Cannabinoids are usually in practice by smoking. Inhaling has a significantly stronger effect. The cannabinoid 5F-ABK48 is not soluble in water. The application is oral, by dissolving it into the lipid or ethanol. This way, its effect becomes significantly stronger. For the same reason, the advice is not to use this substance in higher doses and for a more extended period.

Synthetic cannabinoids are active in the milligram ranking, so it is necessary to be careful with dosing.

Chronic use of the substance may lead to mild addiction. Also, the abuse of large quantities over a long period causes a high degree of addiction to users.


Substance tolerance develops when dose increases. A user usually needs three to five days to halve the level of tolerance. It takse a week or two to entirely withdraw into the starting point. A withdrawal and craving are the effects that occur in the cases when consummation suddenly stops. The subject needs to reduce the dose gradually.
Furthermore, the development of tolerance on 5F-AKB48 is at the same time tolerance to other cannabinoids.


Science has limited data on the toxicological nature of 5F-AKB48 as well as knowledge of its impact on human health. The information we describe relies on the experiences of individuals who tried the substance. From their testimonies, taking 5F-AKB48 cannabinoid has no negative consequences in small or moderate doses. But we associate the abuse of larger doses with severe health consequences and side effects. However, some unofficial studies show that in some cases, even when taking a little portion, the first symptoms of toxicity occur, as physical discomfort, vertigo, sedation.

People with a history of mental illness, those who have a clear risk of psychosis or are already experiencing problems such as anxiety, should not try this synthetic drug. Like THC, and 5F-AKB48 can enhance symptoms of mental illness and psychotic conditions such as example, schizophrenia.

Physical and cognitive effects of 5f-akb48

The effects we are mentioning above have no established precision and are not the result of any particular scientific research. Also, these effects never occur at the same time or in a series. Furthermore, they are much more likely to occur at higher doses and longer time of the abuse, when they can even lead to death.

Among the physical reactions to the substance, in the first place is the feeling of spontaneous physical sensation or well-known “body high” feeling. The tingling sensation that spreads over the body after initial ingestion. It keeps a consistent appearance that quickly rises with a start and hits its limit once it reaches the peak before immediately dissipating.

The subject may temporarily lose full motor control, or partial. Unique to all cannabinoids, so as for 5F-AKB48, it causes so-called “munchies.” It is an adopted term for the feeling of hunger or an increased appetite after cannabis use.

As a strong receptor agonist, it acts as a pain killer. Other specific physical effects include the feeling of body lightness, gravity imbalance, cotton mouth or dehydration, vasodilation.

From psychological consequences, firstly, we highlight the high power of anxiety induction, and for people who have a history of this condition, it is recommendable to abuse cannabinoids.

Further, taking 5F-AKB48 causes paranoia in people, increased emotions, thought connectivity and deceleration, conceptual thinking, mindfulness, and much more dangerous psychosis. A long period of abuse particularly opens the door to the state of psychosis, especially in people with a high-risk factor.

Legal Status of 5f-akb48

The synthetic cannabinoid 5F-AKB48 is a scientific material for forensic and laboratory tests. Due to frequent abuse of these and similar substances on the street as recreational drugs, many countries keep their production and distribution under control. It is usually on the list of controlled substances, along with other synthetic cannabinoids. In some countries, it is forbidden.
When ordering the substance via our site, the user is obliged to be informed about local laws and regulations that apply to the specific substance at the place of delivery. The producer does not bear the consequences of expulsion from the legal provisions and the prohibition in a particular country.

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More info about this drug you can find through NCBI or Psychonautwiki



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