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What is buy 2-A1MP?

Buy 2-A1MP or 2-AIMP is a chemical compound belonging to the cathinone class. Its most common name actually does not relate to its molecular structure. Other names with this substance are Methoxy-Methylone or βk-MMDMA with simillarities to bk-ebdp and Eutylone
IUPAC name is 1- (7-Methoxy-benzo [1,3] dioxole-5-yl) -2-methylamino-propane-1-one.

The component is in the form of a large white crystal with a purity of 99.7%. 2-A1MP is a compound of a newer date also exist on the street as a designer drug.

There is not enough accurate data on the properties and effects that 2-A1MP causes in humans. What we can take as a presumption are sporadic testimonies of real-life users as well as effects produced by a stimulant of a similar chemical category.

Chemical and Pharmacological Properties 

Methylone is a synthetic molecule from the cathinone family. Like other cathinone compounds, they mostly act similarly as amphetamines.
2-A1MP is the beta-ketone version of 5-Methoxy-MDMA. The compounds differ from methylone by the addition of a methoxy group at the 5th carbon atom of the aromatic ring.
In the chemical sciences, methylation signifies the addition of a methyl group on the substitution of a group or an atom by a methyl group. Methylation has an alkylation form, with a methyl group, rather than a more significant carbon chain, replacing a hydrogen atom.

We also presume this compound acts as a mixed reuptake inhibitor. Therefore, it releases the agent of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. It means that it allows these neurotransmitters to re-accumulate after they have already used the transmission of the nerve impulse, and they again lead to stimulating effects.
It is possible to find similarity in the activity of Methylone and MDMA, but there are differences in dosage, also the effect of serotonin enhancement, as well as norepinephrine and dopamine.

Toxicological Properties of buy 2-A1MP

The long-term effects that 2-AIMP can cause to humans are not the subject of scientific study. Therefore, there is no precise information about its properties and the effects it causes. Substances like methylone have a short history of human use.

The toxicological properties and consequences it can cause are not familiar. They do not exist in any scientistic expertise so far.

Users who have tried this stimulating substance confirm the thesis that in small doses and single-use, methylone has no toxicological consequences for human health. However, without accurate knowledge and registered cases, 2-A1MP is not possible to confirm with certainty the accuracy of this thesis.


All stimulants cause moderate to severe addiction to users who abuse them for a long time. The assumption is that the substance can cause psychological addiction on the user.

Tolerance occurs with regular use. The practice so far indicates that it takes 3 to 5 days of abstinence to reduce the tolerance by half, and even up to two weeks to return it to the starting point. In this process, users often stop using drugs immediately. It results in a feeling of withdrawal and craving. It is necessary to reduce the dose gradually.
Every person who has developed tolerance to one type of stimulant, at the same time, develops tolerance to all other types.

People who have a specific risk of psychosis or a registered mental disorder should not use these stimulants. They can exacerbate the psychosis and bring the person into a state of the severe mental state, with a high risk of an unreachable recovery.
Also, if this drug does not cause significant harmful effects due to a moderate dose, it shouldn’t be mixed with other stimulants or alcohol. These situations can lead to serious health injury, even death.

2-A1MP Physical and Cognitive Effects

These effects are the result of unofficial analyses and researches that involved real-life users. They rely on subjective feelings and individual experience of each person. Due to, they are not scientifically proven.

The effects of this drug can be physical, such as stimulation, euphoria, accelerated heartbeat, physical sensation. Also, dehydration, difficulty with urinating, poor regulation of body temperature, high blood pressure and finally, heart rate.

With cognitive effects, this and similar drugs produce the feeling of emotional euphoria, stronger social connections, empathy, love, increased libido, the lost term about time, and the like.
When withdrawing from the body, this drug produces after-effects, which users often describe as a feeling of discomfort, anxiety, depression, irritability, lack of motivation or wakefulness.

Legal Status of 2-A1MP

In some countries, 2-A1MP is on the list of illegal drugs. Generally, most countries hold cathinone compounds as controlled substances that are produced exclusively for research purposes.
This substance has no application in human and animal use. Therefore, we produce and distribute exclusively as a research chemical for scientific analysis.

Where Can You Buy 2-A1MP?

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