EBK is a very new legal and strong stimulant.  The new legitimate chemical EBK is a replacement for N-Ethypentylone. Order now the best research chemical. 

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What is EBK or ephynole?

Ephylone is a central nervous system stimulant. This substance is a stimulant-entactogen and structurally analogous to pentylone also known under the names bk-EBDP, βk-EBDP, or ephylone. It belongs to the cathinone class. This substance is one of the psychoactive principles in plant Catha edullis or khat. It has a phenethylamine core with an alkyl group that is connecting to the alpha carbon and a ketone group which is connecting to the beta carbon.

The History of Ephylone ( EBK ) 

The first synthesis of cathinone compounds happened for the first time in the 1920s; however, they did not find medical application due to many side effects. For decades, they continue to be in use as research chemicals exclusively for authorized labs and forensic experiments. In an ‘unofficial’ market, ethylone is frequently traded as a recreational drug, often within false packages and labels as bathing salt.

Historically, it began to develop in the early ’60s when Boehringer Ingelheim discovered it but never officially appeared on the market as a product. Its practice as a stimulant came much later, in 2015, when this chemical start to spread among young people and consumers of MDMA, mainly with the purpose of experiencing euphoria during music festivals and events. Ephylone is a substitute or even a forgery of MDMA on such markets.

Physical and Pharmacological Effects

Not enough information about the pharmaceutical properties of this stimulant exists today. What we do know – it affects the increase in serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine level in the brain. However, toxicological reports with people who use or had overused the ephylone indicate effects similar to those that cocaine is able to cause, methylone, or MDMA. Typical results include stimulation, disinhibition, increased libido, compulsive redosing, and euphoria. A similar report suggests that long-term use of the substance, as well as mixing with other stimulants or alcohol, has a direct connection with a large number of hospitalized cases, even with a deadly outcome.

There is little information on the pharmacological effects on the consumer. They are indicating the process increasing the synaptic concentration of catecholamines like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Molecules have the ability to inhibit monoamine reuptake transducers presenting a reduced clearance of neurotransmitters from the synapse. Furthermore, they can cause the release of biogenic amines from intracellular stores. Unlike other synthetic derivatives, the cathinone compounds belonging to this group have a higher power of breaking blood-brain barriers.

Legal form of the EBK

As a relatively young research chemical, its overall impact on people is not proved amply. In many countries of the world, the status of this chemical compound is still legally unregulated. For the same reason, EBK is a new research chemical and legally approved replacement.

Where can you buy EBK research chemical?

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