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What is Eutylone Crystal / Powder?

Eutylone is a new stimulant belonging to the group of substituted cathinone. These compounds are modified based on the structure of cathinone, an alkaloid found in the plant Khat (Catha edulis). The effects this stimulant may produce are similar to those caused by amphetamines. They affect the central nervous system, increasing brain activity and causing euphoria in humans.

This type of cathinone compound occurs in the 1960s, but took much attention in the past few years, due to the high potential in medicine and as a treatment of many diseases.

Eutylone is a research chemical. A considerable number of studies work with this compound; therefore it is present over the internet in online pharmacies and web shops.

However, in the past few years, there were more recordings of cases where people were abusing eutylone as a recreational drug.
Still, the substance has a brief history of human use, so this is the limiting factor in examining the consequences it causes — all analyses are leaning on the personal experiences of individuals. Also, we’ll present the effects of substances of the same or similar class, more familiar to science.

Chemical Composition

The alternative of this stimulant is BK EDBP or N-Ethylbutylone. Its chemical name is β-Keto-1,3-benzodioxolyl-N-ethylbutanamine, and the formula is “C13H17NO3”.
Many people often confuse it with Eutylone, due to their similarities.  Both compounds belong to the same class of cathinone. Eutylone usually serves as a replacement for Methylone.
Eutylone mostly exists in the form of pale yellow crystals. The best temperature to store it is between 20-15 degrees, and in dry conditions. Depending on the producers, the purity of the substance is about 97-98%.

Application and Dosage

Eutylone has a wide range of use in medical science, regarding its many properties. It is a prescription drug for many conditions. The application is oral. Recent studies bring the fact that this substance can cause severe addiction to users. The name of this drug on the street is a designer drug – a frequently popular substance at parties that creates the feeling of euphoria.

As with other stimulants, frequent and long-term use is leading to a high degree of psychological addiction. In these events, sudden withdrawal of the drug channels to delusions and other unpleasant effects. Such users will produce eutylone tolerance, which means they will crave for more and more doses to achieve the same zenith. The withdrawal will restore tolerance to the initial level within one to two weeks, depending on the length of the substance abuse. This tolerance applies not only to eutylone but to all other stimulants that will have an equally reduced effect.
Eutylone can be particularly dangerous, even life-threatening in combination with other stimulants or alcohol.

Eutylone’s Physical and Cognitive Effects

The influences of this drug can be physical, such as euphoria, accelerated heartbeat, physical sensation, stimulations. Also, dehydration, difficulty with urinating, poor regulation of body temperature, high blood pressure and finally, heart rate.
With cognitive effects, this and similar stimulants produce the feeling of emotional euphoria, stronger social connections, empathy, love, increased libido, the lost term about time, and the like.
When withdrawing from the body, this drug produces after-effects, which users often describe as a feeling of discomfort, anxiety, depression, irritability, lack of motivation or wakefulness.

Legality before you buy Eutylone

Due to the frequent abuse of cathonine compounds, many governments all over the world banned the use and distribution of these substances. Also, their application for research purposes is broad. However, production, distribution, and consumption are only approved as a part of the research work of authorized and licensed institutions or government bodies or prescribed as a medication by doctors.

Street Name people using for Eutylone

Likewise with many stimulants from the substituted cathinone class, eutylone exists on the street beneath various names. Often such stimulants are labeled under false signs. The famous name for these substituents is the ‘designer drug ‘ and for eutylone most times is bk-ebdb.

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