Shipping Information

Following company direction and good customer relations, the company provides you with the best shipping terms. We guarantee a delivery that is fast, safe and discreet. During the shipment, we do not disclose any information that would compromise users in any way. We keep all customer data, as well as the shipment content protected. Also, in addition to privacy, we guarantee the return or replacement of packages.

We Ship Worldwide

We send all the packages from China and USA. All packages are shipped with multiple shipping methods( EMS, UPS, FEDEX, USPS,) in a special way with 100% pass rate or reship.

Delivery Procedure

After you make a successful online order, you receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. After our site registers your payment, the package dispatches for sending (24-48 hours). You receive another email with tracking shipment data.

The company dispatches all shipments with the due date, depending on the selected delivery method, the distance, as well as the fact whether they are subject to customs control. All shipments should arrive at the address within 9 to 13 days.

Resend Policy

We ONLY resend your order only for shipments that being seized by customs.

Free Shipping

For all orders above $ 200, we offer free delivery service. In order to provide this service, it is necessary to place your order through the site and you will get it automatically.

Refund or shipment replacement

Applies on cases when shipment content does not correspond to the standards and the quality of our products. Also, when the given description is not correct, it is necessary to contact us. Company TypeChemistry will, in cases of occurrence of such erroneousness, make a refund or a shipment correction.

TypeChemistry strives to provide the highest quality service and deliver the best materials to its customers. Moreover, we maintain a high level of communication and response to the needs of our customers. We care about a reliable and safe shipment. Type Chemistry never keeps sensitive data. Also, we try to make sure that every order comes to you.

Please keep in mind – it is necessary to pass 22 working days after contacting us about undelivered orders so we can react in any way.